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Is YouTube Premium the only solution?

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Is YouTube Premium the only solution?

Posted on May 23, 2023 13:37 PM

Changes in YouTube brings 30" non-skipable ads and restrictions to 4K resolution. What's going to be next?

YouTube recently announced:

  • Any adblocker extension in the browser will be blocked.
  • YouTube users on TV will be able to pause ads to learn more about the video.
  • Artificial intelligence will enable advertisers to achieve the goals of their campaigns from reach to action.
  • YouTube begins requiring from users Premium subscribtion to play videos in 4K resolution.

Is YouTube premium the only way to have the full user experience?

Based on YouTube's effort to stop ad-blockers and other methods that block ads, technically yes, it would not be wrong to note that buying YouTube Premium is the only solution to avoid ads. In the past, YouTube has shut down the YouTube Vanced app, which was an ad-free YouTube clone. Android users could watch YouTube videos without ads without any problem. However, this app was shut down last year. So it becomes even more obvious that YouTube wants to move its user base to Premium and therefore wants to block any possibility for users to watch YouTube without ads for free.


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