Internet Advertising


Nowadays, the fact is that Advertising goes through dramatic changes. The media are changing, information diffusion rate is constantly changing and the possibility of the advertising receiver and options are given approaches well the perfect two-way interactio.

"The Internet Advertising or better using Greek terminology, the Internet Advertising make rapid development and claims the lion share in the total of Advertising."

With the help of appropriate software, the technological means convert the information from "analog" to digital and that tends to alter the manner operation of information transmission devices. As an example, we have seen the transformation of analog signal of televisions to digital and now increasingly the Webtv and channels on youtube tend to abolish traditional channels of TV. What means Digitization and how it relates to the Targeted Promotion? How do you create a channel on youtube if you are creator of Original content?

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The general public has changed behavior with a plethora of new products or services purchase options and immediacy in communication. The technological means have evolved enough so that an electronic transaction can fully substitute a transaction(συναλλαγή διόρθωση) in the real world with the help of a virtual environment. Perfecting of virtual environments is the next step, which will raise the bar of the Internet, so it will encourage the creation of new online promotion instruments except those we already know existing.


Probably, in the near future, Virtualization technologies will be advanced to full simulation of physical interaction ( a financial transaction if you prefer) in a manner satisfying the public across the spectrum of consciousness. What is the role of the internet? How does the web advertising or reversing the question Who is the internet affected from Advertising? What would be the ideal transaction ultimately by a rational consumer?