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Grow your Business

Posted on November 14, 2020 00:33 AM

Increase your Sales!

Despite the emergency and the unprecedented situation in the market that we all go through, this time, we at Digital Promotion, are ALWAYS READY to face the New Conditions

For those who deal with the internet, is that in times of intense self-restraint and while new measures are announced, forming a continuous uncertain condition, The average time spent by the internet user is increasing dramatically, especially through mobile devices. Consequently, inevitable opportunities are created to attract NEW Customers

At Digital Promotion we do our best, giving value to your business!

Every change in user behavior in each industry is an opportunity to increase the result in obtaining sales, quality data and interaction with the Brand of your business or the company you work for, and we flexibly adapt the online strategy for eshop depending on the industry it belongs to. and corporate websites or individual landing pages

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Content below is Confidential , by reading this you'll save valuable time and budget

Below, for experienced partners, internet executives, our dear customers or for you who will want to become our customers, are given brief examples of success and illustrations with real data and diagrams.

For any online business, there are several possibilities for improvement, whether you are an eshop owner or executive, an e-store, a corporatenews website or portal:

HERE, we have practical examples and diagrams:

An increase from 3,250 to 7,250 sales (increase of 125%), with only a 30% increase in budget in April (strategic leverage of 400%). We have succeeded in performing targeted actions such as increasing the number of campaigns, creating new Targeted Campaigns for strong demand, targeting specific stocks and products of each advertising company, utilizing the image, audiovisual content and well-established structure in collaboration with a newly established the company.
In addition, this chart shows the general trend in e-commerce which continued in May and with a slight turning point in June !!! But it happens, dear reader, even now, in the period October-November 2020 that we are going through and the sequel follows!

We achieve dynamically greater increases and results, in periods with intense changes in the market ....... we ALWAYS utilize new technological possibilities!
Based on these data, as presented in this letter, is the next quarter an opportunity for your eshop or for the eshop you are thinking of building or for expanding your online sales ??? Did the opportunity to work with Digital Promotioncome ???
Are the stocks of your products enough for sales of 3x, 5X or even 7X more than usual ???

We inform you that our stocks of experienceknowledge and strategy are definitely enough!

-> HERE, realistic percentages and costs for online sales are shown during the months February-July 2020.

The conversion rate equal to the percentage of incoming visitors who end up in a market and the conversion cost, which is equivalent to the cost of advertising per online market are basically measurements of returns in e-commerce. The dynamic changes that occur per month in the whole industry are obvious, which result from dynamic changes in the Targeted strategy that we follow. The data sources are real and based on a wide range of e-commerce campaigns optimized by Digital Promotion.
On average we see an increase in Conversion Rate 110% + ******, at the same time the conversion cost is reduced up to 60%, with small budget increases we achieve larger sales increases, significantly reducing the cost / sale, when this is possible.
The same phenomenon is happening in the current period, predicting that from the end of November, this trend will multiply dramatically until this Christmas, maybe later depending on the measures to be taken and the changes at the commercial level.
Are you ready to launch the CONVERSION RATE and reduce the CONVERSION COST ???
We are always ready!

At the same time, visits are increased by up to 80%, with small increases in advertising budget by up to 20%, because new opportunities are created and potential customers are attracted by new inbound traffic channels on Google Dislpay network, Social Media and applications, with reduced CPC cost / incoming visitor, which in turn entails the cost / sale or conversion, in the diagram shown above.
We achieve immediate and flexible increase of Targeted inbound traffic with a fixed budget, an important factor for increased sales!

We notice that the impressions increase while in the corresponding interval the CPC decreases. This phenomenon is particularly pleasing in the current time period, for Branding campaigns, where big brands that we advertise, achieve an increase of views up to 7X times with dynamic budget updates in promotion campaigns, with a fixed monthly advertising budget, strategy that know that it applies to specific industries (education, tourism, seasonal retail products, etc.), and depends on the consumer 'buying cycle (consumers' buying cyrcle). In addition to this chart from Google Analytics, there are a number of metrics and indicators that capture the opportunity for branding in the current time period through the internet, such as repercussion, frequency of interaction, CPM = cost per thousand impressions or CPV = cost per view (mainly refers to videos we view on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

The Digital Promotion Team gives the maximum result, both with a dynamic increase in the quantity of orders in specific sectors, as well as improving the quality of targeted advertisingalong with high conversion rates (we achieve conversion rates of up to 8% = 100% increase, while the average is usually 1.5% to 4.5% depending on the industry internet)


For your company, we have the possibility of immediate specialized research and ready TARGETED CAMPAIGNS in industries and product categories that we advertise successfully, for more than 100 months, as a certified TargetedAdvertising company since 2011, on GoogleFB and Instagram and other platforms ***

We directly design online campaigns on Google, Facebook, Youtube which are activated quickly and reliably in any online advertising industry, both for eshops and for any type of website.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Confident that we are right next to you .... alert, because we do not turn a blind eye to optimizing your Online Campaigns! We remain at your disposal, to increase the eshop or the website of your business Keep in Contact & Safe


About Us

New conditions = New opportunities, is the quintessence of the philosophy that holds in Digital Promotion in all aspects of our communication, dynamically adjusting the budget that you trust us with a guaranteed result. We know when to invest dynamically up to 5X multiples: for example, if € 50 / day budget is available we increase dynamically (S / C or for a week or when needed immediately) to € 250 per day increasing five times (5X) and sales your. Conversely, if the demand of your industry decreases or there is any sudden change in sales or unexpected technical issue (server), we save by reducing the daily budget to 10 € / day or strategically stopping the main volume of advertising *** Digital Promotion was founded in 2011: has since completed more than 300 Targeted Campaigns, of which 100 are actively advertised frequently, for an average of 15 days, and include 360-degree management in every medium: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Newsletter, LinkedIn,, Viber, Messenger and other "dark media" with an average managed advertising budget in these media 55,000 € / month fixed and irrevocable -advertises and has built more than 40 eshops throughout Greece, Cyprus and foreign countries, still maintains and has participated in the design of more than 50 websites and portals Nationwide -creates, designs, and implements branding strategies in collaboration with digital media owners, influencers, creators of all types of digital content and third parties partners has been awarded by Google seven (7) times in competitions, with invitations and participation in pan-European events, with GIFTS that we pass on to our Customers and with trips abroad to Greece and Cyprus -performs dynamic growth of online shopping in a wide range of online advertising industries, except eshop AND targeted for registrations - calls - contact forms - sales of contracts (online) for industries: education, insurance, vending machines for wholesale, legal advice, real-estate , special categories of advertising campaigns such as election campaigns, petitions, tourist branding, branding of competitions, etc .. Our team has experience and a wealth of Success Stories!

***** We consider the average Conversion rate in a variety of industries for retail e-commerce in our country 1.7% Based on our experience and Digital Promotion statistics from five (5) e-commerce industries for more than 100 consecutive months of targeted advertising, the average Conversion rate we achieve is 2.1%. In this example of advertising we have managed from 2.1% to increase to 4.31%, ie 110% increase. The multiplier effect that results from the strategic management of our company is a multiple of 300%. It is worth noting that the conversion rate, in branches of the internet such as education is much higher on average, as an example we mention the branch of education in which we exceed 5% in our country. We also consider e-commerce as a distinct industry with subcategories. Respectively, we distinguish e-booking in ticket reservations, restaurants, hotel reservations and other subcategories which are particularly affected by the current period, however we estimate that this will change for the better next year 2021, so we recommend patience. Also for each industry and internet medium, platform or channel, the conversion rate varies, as is the case for quality KPIs, defined either at the website or industry level, or even for common metrics such as CTR, or conversion cost , which may change significantly in each ad industry. For the present, we kindly invite anyone who seeks further information, whether they agree, disagree, dispute, or applaud what we write, the Digital Promotion team is 100% confident and effective in the campaign strategies that apply and suit you, and ingenious we discover new methods and tools, every time something changes in the market and depending on the needs and conditions prevailing in the market.

Sources: for data above, as far as Google is concerned, are the Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Ads and third party tools we use. Additional sources used by our company are Facebook Business, Instagram Creators Studio, for the market trends Alexa blog, Yandex, Forbes, Consumer Varometers, Google & Mobile trends etc. We rely primarily on our experience from a series of seminars and research that we participate as certified partners in online advertising platforms for the study of all branches of Digital Marketing.
For the most part we are happy and feel blessed for our active and timeless experience, including e-commerce categories such as furniture, bookstores, electrical appliances, clothing, jewelry, footwear, pharmacies, food, necessities, super market, cosmetics , beauty items, sensitive categories of advertising products (bet, forex, drugs, erotic etc), e-books, mobile apps download, e-booking for events, large or small tourist accommodation, in addition to the above branches of Digital Marketing mentioned. 50% of the campaigns we manage belong to e-commerce and 50% to the sectors mentioned above.
The reason for this study is both our love for Digital Marketing and the passion for communication with you, as well as the monitoring of the ongoing changes and opportunities on the internet - especially in 2020, but also the awareness that a cool team of young Digital Promoters with ideas , suggestions and experience are able to launch your company online and in the real world, worldwide!